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Now that we've moved our website to a new host, I've restored the old overflow images back on-line. The older pages are still off to the side, and you can find them here.

If you want to be informed by email each time I add some new pictures to Quinn's pages, for now you'll have to just drop us an email at casematt@tsoft.com. We used to have a "ListBot" list (see the relic at the bottom of this page), but they have gone the way of the dot-com bubble.

Quinn's First Day

The first pictures of Quinn. These are the images that were originally posted the evening of 31 March 1999.

Father's Day

This page has a big collection of un-annotated pictures we grabbed from the day before Father's Day, 19 June 1999. He's getting to be such a big guy!

Photos from the Fall, 1999

I realize these posting seem like there getting farther and farther apart, but anyway here are some more pictures of the Big Q.

You Say It's Your Birthday

Time flies when your having fun. It seems like just yesterday we were driving off to the hospital waiting for somebody new to be born, and now here we are, a First Birthday Party!

A Winter Wonderland

One of the great things about living in the Bay Area is the weather. When we want winter, we simply drive to it! This past April, we did just that.

Portrait of the Young Man as a One-Year-Old

Quinn has always been a pretty self-assured guy, but with a full year under his belt, he's really come into his own. Here are a few random slices of life over the past month.

Through the Looking Glass

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved the statue of Alice in Wonderland in New York's Central Park. This past July, Casey and Quinn travelled back East and paid her a visit.

A Quinn Odyssey

Here is a quick set of 10 new pictures from around the technical turn of the millennium.

A Brief Installment

We're borrowing our neighbor's digital camera to be able to make quick web updates of our Big New Addition when he or she arrives, but I thought I'd better make sure I knew how to work the thing. Here are a brief few pictures of Quinn, on the verge of siblinghood, just a little after his third birthday.

An original film by Quinn

Quinn made a 10 minute movie for his 4th grade ROPES project in the Spring of 2009. The link will take you to the WMV format of the movie, which you should know is 28MB long. I don't think this site supports any streaming, so you've got to download the whole thing to watch it. (yes yes yes, I know this is the first update in 7 years!!)

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