The Berit Mila

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On the eighth day of his life, Quinn continued the 5000-year tradition of the Berit Mila, also known as the Bris. The ceremony and proceedure were performed by Dr. Fred Kogen, a Reform mohel practicing throughout California and Nevada. His web site gives a thorough explanation of the entire ritual as well as medical information about the proceedure. We highly recommend him.

This is Quinn's grandmother on his mother's side, spending some quality time with the little man before things get started. This reminds me -- we still need to name the grandparents! If you have any great suggestions, please email them to us at the address at the bottom of the page.

Quinn recently had his first taste of wine, in the form of some sweet kosher Manischewitz wine. He'll have plenty of time to refine his tastes. He seems quite relaxed, no?

The ceremony was in our livingroom, and relatively intimate as bris's go -- we had all four grandparents, an aunt and uncle, and a pair of good friends all here for the occasion.

The last time these two were lighting a pair of candles with that braided havdalah candle was back in June of 1991, at our wedding. At least this time, there wasn't any wind to complicate matters.

These are are Quinn's godparents, who are also his aunt and uncle on his mother's side. This is one of the few pictures of her holding a newborn baby. Foreshadowing, prehaps?

The tallis that Quinn is wrapped in was William's, Quinn's great grandfather on his paternal grandmother's side. Willy was one of Quinn's Hebrew namesakes, along with Leslie (Sr), his great grandfather on his maternal grandfather's side. We loosely translated Leslie William into Ya'Ari Shimri.

Even more rare -- we've actually captured an image of this guy holding a baby! Dr. Fred is standing in the background.

Quinn's grandfathers were his Sandek for the bris. Here they are with Quinn resting between them, shortly before the circumcision is performed.

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