Quinn's Fifth Month

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In July, Casey and Quinn went back to New Jersey. In September, Larry and Susan came out to visit us. Here are a few pictures from that visit (and two older one from Quinn's visit to the East).

On Labor Day, the five of us went for a nice ride along Skyline Drive in the San Mateo County highlands, and stopped for a walk in the redwoods. Here are a couple more pictures from that walk. There's a whole story about the shirt that Matt is wearing here, but I won't tell it.

A little later in the week, Casey and Quinn went for a day trip in San Francisco with the grandparents. Here are some pictures taken in the Japanese tea garden.

Is this too cool or what?

That same day, they made a trip to the aquarium. Reports from the field are that Quinn was entranced by the fish swimming around. On the left, you can see Quinn studying the aligator pit. We can only guess at the picture on the right. Maybe it's Quinn's impression of the gators?

Here are some older photos from Quinn's visit back East in July. The picture on the left is at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Perhaps someone reading this who is more knowlegable about art can tell me what painting Quinn is waving at? On the right, Quinn is hangin' with one of his new New Jersey pals, Justin.

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