A First Birthday Party

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Although his birthday was 31 March, we had a big party for Quinn on 8 April (he actually had another party, on his birthday, with his playgroup, but those pictures will be saved for another day...). Here are a few pictures from that day.

Quinn asks for a grandmother's assistance in blowing out that candle!

Aunt Shelly and Uncle Mark spent the last few years posted to Korea. From there, they sent Quinn this traditional Korean first-birthday suit. When we asked Quinn to strike a pose, this is what we got!

One of the most exciting developments of the last year was the birth of Quinn's cousin, Eli. Unfortunately, Quinn is still a little unclear on the concept of sharing, as we see in the right image where Quinn is caught in flagrante delicto stealing Eli's stuffed dog.

Overall, this is one happy boy. By the way, Quinn wants to be sure you notice his two front teeth!

What a long day. It's just about bedtime...

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