Playing in the Snow

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In mid-April, we took a weekend trip up to Lake Tahoe. Although it was comfortable at lake-level, by driving up near the summit of Mt. Rose, we could find plenty of snow for Quinn to play in. This wasn't his first experience with snow - that was last year, when he was just a very little guy and was generally unimpressed with the stuff. This year, I think the jury is still out. Maybe in another year...

Here Casey is instructing her young son in the fine arts of snowball construction and launching. Moments after the second picture was taken, Quinn's dad gave an object lesson in facial snowball catching.

—Okay, now it's time to try sliding down a frozen mountain on a plastic saucer.

—Did I understand you right, Mom? I'm not too sure about this plan. I wasn't born yesterday, you know.

Well, it turned out that solo runs were not going to happen, but if an enthusiastic parent was willing to get onto this crazy contraption along with Quinn, he would concent to going along for the ride.

This year, probably mom and dad had more fun than Quinn. That's sure to change soon, though.

After half an hour or so of this nonsense, Quinn was done. It's time to go home now.

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