The Year-Old Quinn

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Quinn turned one year old the end of March. Here are a few images to give you an idea of what life is like for the Mighty Quinn as a one-year-old

Quinn and his grandfather Larry are working intently on a wooden puzzle. Mom offers some assistance too.

This is Quinn sporting his new haircut, which he got about 2 weeks after his birthday. Suddenly, instead of looking like a baby, he's turned into a little boy...

For many months now, Quinn has really enjoyed his baths. Especially the splashing part! Once he startsrubbing his eyes, though, it's a sure giveaway that he's getting tired. After the bath, a cozy towel always makes things seem better.

Quinn get's the best of all worlds, which in this case means Easter eggs. Unfortunately, I think our little guy hasn't figured out yet that he shouldn't eat through the shells.

Our worldly one-year-old has much more sophisticated expressions than he had only a few months ago.

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