Test Driving Pat's Camera, May 2002

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These pictures are really just a test-drive, but they also represent a long-overdue, if brief, update on what Quinn now looks like. Maybe later (HA!) I'll fill in a little what's happened over the last year.

technical note: these images were taken with an Olympus C-211 Zoom digital camera, and then uploaded to our ancient MacClone via a composite video capture board. In the near future, we should be upgrading to a better image-capture technique, but for now here we are.

Quinn is a big book fan. He's bringing this one (a dinosaur sticker book, I believe) downstairs. There's mom, 8 1/2 months pregnant, in the kitchen in the background.

heading downstairs...

Later... this was kind of a rainy day, so Quinn & Mom decided to do a little art project. Maybe one day I'll start a gallery page of Quinn's creations.

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