Quinn's First Trip Back East

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Quinn's grandparents Susan and Larry are at a big disadvantage, living on the wrong side of the continent as they are! The last time they saw Quinn he was less than 15% of his current age. So, Casey and Quinn packed up some bags and headed for the airport, and now they're back for a visit in New Jersey. Here is an assortment of pictures from around the house, as well as some taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Sitting at the table on the back deck, basking in the East Coast sultry summer weather. These were all taken on their first day back in New Jersey.

These two pictures show Quinn with mom hanging out in the gardens in the back yard at his grandparent's house.

On Thursday, Casey and Quinn drove into New York with his grandparents. There, they met Casey's high-school friend Michele and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

First-hand reports from the scene insisted that Quinn was most partial to modern art (Picasso seemed to be his favorite), but these pictures suggest that he also has an interest in Egyptian antiquities.

Of course, when Quinn comes to town, his aunts Jennifer and Stefanie will be there to try to spoil him! He certainly enjoys all the attention.

Quinn has had very good neck and head control for a while, and with a little help from a steadying hand can sit up pretty well (although he usually prefers to stand or lay on his back). It looks like he's pondering whether or not he likes whatever toy is being held in front of him here.

A week before their East Coast trip, we all went to the SRS company picnic in San Jose. It was a very hot day, and Quinn stayed cool by dressing extremely casually! An occasional damp washcloth was also fun to play with.

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