Quinn's First Outing

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At the ripe old age of 4 days, Quinn had his first big adventure when we drove across the bay to Concord for Easter Sunday. Quinn's grandparents on his father's side had just flown in from New Jersey earlier that morning, and the five of us buckled into the car for the drive. Quinn was great the whole time, and when we got home his parents and grandparents slept very soundly! Here are some pictures from the day.

Let there be no mistake about it -- this guy is going to be a serious Cal fan. Go Bears!

Quinn really seemed to be enjoying himself. Making faces with Mom is a lot of fun. At this age, Quinn seems to have about half a dozen different facial expressions. He doesn't seem to know what each one does, but he likes to try them on for size. This one is his happy baby face.

A few more pictures around the same time. Even though he has nothing to say, this guy often seems to be the center of attention.

Here's Quinn with his great grandmother. And another one with 4 generations.

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