Introducing the Mighty Quinn

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Here are a handful of pictures from his first day. Click on the image for a bigger version.

The first picture of Quinn, about 5 minutes old. The pediatrician (Dr. Niki Saxina, the one holding him up) has just checked him out. It's kind of cold in the O.R. (we were standing by for an emergency C-section that never happened), so Quinn is crying pretty loud at this point.

And here's Casey and Quinn, a few minutes later, still in the delivery room. Now that Quinn is swaddled up and in his mother's arms, he's calmed down a bit and starting to enjoy things.

After a little rest and cuddling in the delivery room, Quinn came down to the hospital nursury for his first tropical vacation. Here he is basking in the glow of the warming lamp, coming back up to a comfortable 37 C (remember, that was a cold delivery room we were in!).

Just before going back to join Casey in her room, one of the nurses takes his footprint. Check out the toes!

Even a dad can get into the picture.

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