Casey, Matt, Quinn, Nolan & Holden's Homepage

Over two years have passed since I last updated these pages. Okay, we've been busy with three boys (!). Anyway, I'll try to get these somewhat more current. In the meantime, this update is from the school play at SCCLC, which Nolan was in as a member of the K-1 chorus.

This is our family's personal webpage. We are hosted by (, which is a very good thing since we now have room for lots of pictures! Steve is a great web hosting provider, and has made these pages possible. Thanks!

What's Here:

SCCLC's Aladdin

I just got back from the closing show of SCCLC's 2008 production of Aladdin. With my little pocket digital camera, no flash, and a sometimes-steady hand, I was able to grab a bunch of pictures from the show. Here they are.

Quinn's Corner

Since he can't compose HTML yet, Casey and I are going to have to manage Quinn's page for him. This page is the main index to Quinn's separate image pages.

Nolan's Corner

And then there were four. Not wanting to be shown-up by his older brother, Nolan also has a web page just for him.

Holden's Corner

And now we are five. With two older brothers competing for parental time, it's going to be a trick to get these posts updated in anything like a regular basis. And yet, hope springs eternal...

Family Pictures

As our family has grown, we've discovered there are not so many photo-opportunities that highlight just one family member. So, from here on out, most of our newer updates will probably end up here.

other images

This was our first try at the website. So far, there are only a couple of pictures, and the size isn't just right yet. We're still figuring things out. These are from before Quinn.


It's not that I love to cook. Really, it's that we love to eat. Don't get me wrong, cooking is okay, but it's the eating that counts. Here are some of the foods that we've cooked that came out well. Not for the faint of butter. Last updated 3 October 1999.


What webpage would be complete without them? We have some friends, and some of them have web pages too. If you'd like us to add your page to our list, why don't you drop us an email at the address on the bottom of the page?

You can email us at houseofcasematt
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Okay, it's been almost 2 years that this footnote has been sitting here, and I've received a grand total of one email (thanks, Amy!). The verdict is unanimous: the < hr > tags are staying!