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Here are some links to friends, associates, and other stuff we've found interesting at one time or another.


gene's homepage

gene magnier (that's him on the left) had a nice webpage, with cool information about Astronomy, Hawaii, and other fun stuff. The particular site we linked to above went away sometime after gene moved back to Hawaii with Malia. Through the magic of the WayBack machine, though, the old link is restored. He's got a cool picture of the three of us from our 1994 "Border Countries of Germany" trip (follow his Dolomites link -- but be warned: it's a big file).

Jay Gabin's homepage

Jay Gabin once described his professional life to me as being, every day and in every way, Dilbertesque. Well, that may be his day job, but we know better -- he's much more of a Calvin! Again, Jay's site seemed to sublimate sometime back in 1999 or 2000, but once again comes to the rescue.

Stephen Fox's homepage

Stephen Fox has a very cool homepage (it's moved a few times since this page was last updatd, but this link should work now!) Besides being an all-around great guy (with an awesome family), Steve is my (Matt's) oldest friend. We've known each other since kindergarten.

Paisley's homepage

Steve and Sue have a daughter. She's awesome!

Jackson's homepage

Neil and Andrea have a son. He's awesome too!

Jobs and such

The MSAM/TopHat Homepage

Before we moved back to California, we spent almost every waking hour working with the MSAM/TopHat collaboration, a far-flung group of scientists banded together to measure Anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. To find out what that's all about, have a look at their all-new website. There are lots of cool pictures on the site, including a tutorial on high-altitude scientific ballooning. The only thing that's missing is the annotated restaurant guide to Palestine, Texas. Fortunately, I found that also on the WayBack machine here. It really brings back the old memories...

Stanford Research Systems

After we returned to California, we jumped into the private sector with both feet, joining the R & D staff at S.R.S. The webpage gives lots of details about what our company does. If you ever find yourself in the market for a good lock-in amplifier, you know where you should turn!

Other Interests


The homepage of Keddem Congregation, a Reconstructionist Jewish congregation based in Palo Alto.


Satellite Visibility Home Page

This very cool site used to be hosted by the German Space Operations Center. Have you ever looked up at the sky shortly after sunset or before sunrise, and watched satellites scooting by amongst the stars? Ever wonder just who's satellite it was that you were watching? Well, wonder no more: this site knows thousands of satellite orbital elements and predicts their visibility from the ground. You tell it where on Earth you are, and it'll tell you what satellites will be visible, when and where to look for them, and even how bright they'll be. It also has predictions for a new phenomenon in the sky -- Iridium Flares. I haven't seen one yet, but I've read that they're quite spectacular. The new Iridium cell-phone satellites apparently have a large main antenna that can focus sunlight down in a several mile patch on the ground, causing them to grow very bright for 5-30 seconds. By very bright, apparently this means sometimes as bright as -8 magnitude, which is as bright as Venus! Definitely worth checking out.

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